Simone Buffa

Introducing Simone Buffa, the Co-founder and Chief Consultant of ImPart Collective, bringing over 15 years of expertise as a seasoned Sustainability Manager in the international oil supply chain, trading, renewable fuels, and sustainable project management.

Academic Foundation

Simone's robust academic background includes a Master and Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (Material Science) and an MBA in Sustainability Management. This foundation forms the basis of his comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between sustainability and business.

Global Perspective and Communicative Versatility

Proficient in four languages—English, French, Spanish, and Italian—Simone brings a global perspective and communicative versatility to the table. This linguistic agility allows for effective collaboration and communication in diverse cultural contexts.

Continuous Learning and Expertise

Simone's commitment to continuous learning is reflected in his professional certifications, including AEE CEM®️ CAP®️, GRI 2021, GPM-b, Google Project Management, ISSP-SEP, Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt, and an Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award. These certifications underscore his dedication to staying at the forefront of sustainability practices.

Expertise in ESG Policies & International Regulations

In his roles, Simone has honed competencies in ESG policies, reporting standards, biofuel sustainability schemes, and international regulations such as the EU Green Deal. His in-depth understanding ensures that ImPart Collective operates at the forefront of sustainability initiatives.

Project Management Excellence

Simone's project management skills are evident in the successful execution of client projects. From budgeting and timeline management to quality control and risk mitigation strategies, he ensures that sustainability goals are not only met but exceeded.

Stakeholder Management 

As a strategic and analytical thinker, Simone excels in stakeholder management, effectively coordinating, training, and motivating cross-functional teams. His leadership ensures that everyone is aligned towards the common goal of driving positive change.

Supply Chain and Operations

Simone's expertise extends to supply chain and operations, marked by a keen aptitude for commercial value capture, negotiation, logistics optimization, and responsible procurement. His skills contribute to the sustainable and efficient functioning of ImPart Collective.

Data Management and Financial Analytics

Simone's proficiency in data management and financial analytics consistently informs strategic decision-making. This analytical edge ensures that ImPart Collective's initiatives are not only impactful but also financially sustainable.

Unique Position for Strategic Vision

With a diverse skill set and professional experience as an Asset Trader in biofuel products and a Bio-Refinery Supply Manager, Simone is uniquely positioned to contribute effectively to any team valuing sustainability, strategic vision, and operational excellence. ImPart Collective benefits greatly from his leadership and expertise in steering the organization towards a sustainable and impactful future.

Current Members

Our members come from various industries bringing diverse insights to make each project successful with their out of the box sustainability strategies.

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