Nandish Ratkal

Fueled by the vision of Mahatma Gandhi, where self-reliance and village ecosystems thrived, Nandish Ratkal’s journey embodies a dynamic dance between entrepreneurial spirit and environmental conscience. As a serial entrepreneur who has launched a healthcare organization and a MarComm agency, his diverse background spans physics, education, research, and data analysis. This confluence of expertise finds its fullest expression in Nandish’s current role as head of the India division at IMPART – The ESG Collective, where he champions the cause of sustainable development through rigorous ESG auditing and reporting.


Nandish believes that technology, like a wise alchemist, can transform our relationship with the planet. He envisions a future where data analysis illuminates the pathway to circular economies, empowering local communities and nurturing harmony with our ecosystems. This unwavering faith in the democratizing power of knowledge propels him to be a lifelong learner, tackling new pursuits every year and diving deep into diverse knowledge domains. Whether devouring literary classics or engaging in debates on contemporary socio-economic issues, Nandish finds inspiration in the constant interplay of ideas.


Nandish’s journey is a testament to the power of purpose-driven leadership. With an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and a deep understanding of the intricate complexities of the corporate world, he guides businesses towards a brighter future, one where progress and sustainability are in perfect harmony.

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