Ezekiel Mavani

Ezekiel Mavani

Ezekiel is a globally-minded professional with a diverse background in team leadership and management roles across the agricultural, technological, and creative sectors. His professional journey has taken him from the Middle East to Europe, and from Australia to South East Asia, providing him with a crticial understansing of adaptation in today's rapidly evolving global market.

Academic Foundation

Often self-described as a student of curiosity, Ezekiel has a deep interest in global economics, history, and culture, which frequently leads him to be found engrossed in reading or writing insightful thought pieces. Formalising his passion, he pursued a Master's in Sustainable Management and holds a degree in Political Science. His academic pathways are a reflection of his journey to develop a nexus of understanding between the future of sustainability, reflection of governance, and the state of global affairs. 

Professional Expertise

Driven to create a positive impact and value in all areas of his work, he has led projects and initiatives across diverse sectors. His experience includes leading the Green Transition Team at Museo delle culture - MUDEC, introducing sustainability initiatives at Scotts Active Wear in Switzerland, managing brand growth at The Loci Studio in Kuala Lumpur, consulting on eco-labeling strategies for Migros in Switzerland. In the Middle East, he worked closely with the Saudi Government and Emirati partners to implement a digital twinning program in Mecca as a Government Affairs Specialist at TeqStream Inc. Previously, he managed supply chain operations for Equatorial Imports Malaysia, establishing the distribution of the Roberto P. Duran cigar brand across various markets including Azerbaijan, Sri lanka and Indonesia.
Ezekiel's adaptability and unique ability to navigate various sectors seamlessly. From spearheading sustainability initiatives in Europe to collaborating with governments in the Middle East, is a demonstration to to his capacity to find connections between seemingly disparate industries and sectors. This experience lends him to develop cross-disciplinary insights to create impactful solutions across different domains.
His linguistic repertoire includes fluency in English, Malay, Indonesian and now, as a resident of Milan, he conitues his efforts to enrich his Italian. These language abilities have not only facilitated effective communication but have also enabled him to adeptly negotiate with stakeholders hailing from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Beyond his professional interests, he explores and tinkers with automotive restoration and helms a media production studio ensuring that his familiarity in technological trends and engineering principles are up to date. And when time permits, he participates as a member of the performing arts sector in Milan.  

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